Drinking water in Wichita-Yuck!

It is no secret that the quality of public drinking water in most cities is something people care about. Unfortunately, the status quo for H2O is not good! The drinking water in Wichita for instance, is not what you think. Maybe a better way to say it is there is more content in our water than you might think and it is not good news!



What is in public water?  What are most Wichita families drinking? The truth hurts sometimes butI will be as gentle as I can!


H2O is obviously essential and crucial for the life and health of all living creatures. Drinking it helps our bodies function at optimal levels in multiple ways. Drinking H2O is great for our skin and flushes toxins out of our bodies just to name a couple.

How Clean Is The Water Supply ?!?

 Compared to many countries America has great water but many of our methods for water treatment are just plain unhealthy. So let us take just one state from the heartland of America….The Sunflower State.

We will evaluate the sourcing of the water and the methods used to prepare it for consumption. Keep in mind that the water sources and cleaning methods are nearly identical all over the nation.

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Propur Big with 2 ProOne G2.0 7" Filter Elements
Propur Big with 2 ProOne G2.0 7″ Filter Elements

Drinking water in the great state of Kansas and its encompassing cities has been a subject of growing concern for its residents for a very long time. From containing alarming traces of dry cleaning chemicals like perchloroethylene to the excessive levels of chlorine present in the water.

This is a consequence of the water cleaning process that is used in so many municipal water supplies all over Kansas and most of America. There is no shortage of evidence that the water being drank by tens of millions of people here and all over the nation may be doing considerable harm.

Yes, Wichita Has Bad Water Too!

The water in our hometown is absolutely no exception to the concern. In today’s article, allow me to enlighten you on the rapidly increasing poor water quality problem in our beautiful Air Capital.

dangerous-chemicalsLet’s start from the very beginning: where does Wichita’s city water and the water supplied all over the state for that matter, actually come from?

The answer to the latter lies in a significantly polluted river called the Missouri, otherwise known for being Kansas City’s single source of drinking water.

The water most Wichitans drink is from Cheney Lake Reservoir and some recycled  Sewer Water!! Ultimately most water sources in Kansas lead back to that age-old polluted river Missouri.

These are not only sources from where the entire state gets nearly all the drinking water; they are also a places of chemical waste, fertilizers, and other generally unpleasant human grunge. These are major sources of hydration as well as major targets for trash and other contamination.

Now of course the recycled water gets cleaned (bleach-pit), filtered, and re-filtered many times before it’s supplied to homes and buildings for drinking.

But with the rising quantity of filth and mud that is being mixed in with the river, isn’t it natural to ask ourselves exactly how many toxic chemicals and dangerous bacteria the state’s water cleaning plants can actually remove?


And equally questionable is what does the bleach used in the process do to our bodies. I can assure you that both chlorine and bleach are bad for our health.

These questions are something that more and more citizens of Wichita and cities all over the U.S. for that matter are asking with every passing day.

For example the muddy water of the Missouri River is cleaned in a 24-hour process involving the addition of numerous chemicals that separate the silt and contaminants from it and a natural bed of sand filters (among others).

It should also be duly noted that the water treatment plants which are carrying out this all important process are over 90 years old.

More Bad News.

For a city existing in the 21st century in which the technology of mere phones and laptops becomes outdated after a year, how is it possible for something as pure and essential as a water treatment plant to remain unchanged for 90 years?!

It is illogical to assume that the process used to produce pure water almost a century ago is still acceptable today. Not only is the water treatment system a potential cause of the poor water conditions in Wichita and cities all across America, it is also mainly due to the increasing pollution of the reservoirs themselves.

Although, a big concern of mine and many people I know, is the chlorine smell coming out of the faucets that confirm our belief that public water is full of bleach!

That in addition to the common knowledge that most public water supplies are full of heavy metals, hormones, V.O.C.’s, and even lead!

V.O.C’s alone can do serious damage to the reproductive system, liver, and kidneys over time, just to touch on a few side effects.

Cancer Causing Chemicals And More!

The Missouri River is responsible for draining 1/6th of the entire population of the United States… and that is a whole lot of sewage. Harmful sewage bacteria are the main source of contaminants in the river which have to be killed in the treatment process.

But, as our technologies regarding water analysis increase, we see that “mostly” small quantities of all sorts of minerals and bacteria remain in the water even after treatment.

After a test conducted on the water supplies of Kansas, particles ranging from chloroform to arsenic and everything in between, were present in the majority of the districts in lower percentages recently, than the average values set by the state.

Pets like clean water too.

However, higher than average amounts of Chrome 6 (a cancer causing heavy metal) were found.  A 2016 report found chromium-6 in almost 90% of the water systems sampled across the nation. 

The persistent presence of residue fertilizer from farm lands (such as nitrates) and the common pesticides like atrazine and glyphosate are also a huge cause for concern.


Atrazine is high up on the list of contaminants which appear in the water of the Missouri. It is the second most used weed killer in the United States leading to its widespread presence in the water… hence leading to the small amounts of pesticide which are always present in the water of Wichita and all of Kansas.

Lastly, Those Pesky Hormones!

To finish off, if all of this wasn’t enough for you to question the state of the very water you are drinking, then be sure to remember one more interesting fact: hormones cannot be removed from the river water with typical municipal methods.

People send prescription and over the counter pills down the drain single every day (in more ways than one). Yep, the presence of substances like testosterone  and estrogen just to name a couple common and unfortunate additions to the worsening water conditions of Wichita and cities all across the United States.


Click The Picture For Clean Water….

It’s bad enough that we have to fight the poisons the FDA allows into our food in America, but do we have to drink poison too?!? I will write about the poor food quality in America another time on my new health and wellness website, Chemicalfreedad.com. 

I am all about finding and sharing solutions to problems, especially when those problems affect the health of families!

I will link from here to an article (when I am finished researching) about the best and most affordable water filtration systems. In that article I’ll review and compare the top three brands so you can pick the best one for you and those you care about.

I will also explain why this kind of filtration system is far better than filter pitchers or the kinds that you attach to your faucets. The  best gravity filters also leave in the good minerals in addition to taking out the harmful stuff!

Chemicals and filters at treatment plants can remove the sludge and many contaminants in the water to produce something seemingly odorless and “apparently” safe to drink.

As I mentioned above, chlorine is a major component among these chemicals and leaves a queer taste in the drinking water since it is used in massive amounts to remove the bacteria.

That is probably not very comforting to the poor families in Kansas that had to suffer from an unfortunate seven years of drinking water contaminated with a dry cleaning chemical. One that has great potential to damage livers and kidneys if consumed  and especially for a long period of time.

A whole house system can be close to $10,000 which is a lot of money for most people! Another option that is what I consider middle of the road cost like this Aquasana whole house system.

I Know That Feel, Bro……

Is that out of your price range? I know that is more than I can afford right now.

Do you want clean drinking water for you and your family that is great quality and affordable for nearly any budget?

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One last thing….Your skin is an organ that absorbs what it touches! So, I also recommend good shower filter! A basic one is around $35 on Amazon like this, or like the similar one we bought from Lowes that we like.

Take my research to heart or do your own research, but please protect your family from the polluted waters flowing through your pipes!




Lawrence Dumont Stadium History- An Icon

My daughter's drawing

Lawrence Dumont Stadium is something dear to the baseball fans in Wichita and the surrounding area.  Not every baseball fan knows all Lawrence Dumont Stadium history, but they appreciate the stadium and know it is special to them and to most baseball fans around the city.

Anyone who has any connection with the town of Wichita, Kansas, would know about the iconic field. This stadium has been a part of the Wichita landscape since 1934 and has been the retreat for baseball fans and a source of great joy and pride over its eighty-four years of existence.

The stadium accommodates 6,400 people – the intimate nature of the stadium has resulted in the fans bonding together whenever a baseball game is hosted at the stadium.

My daughter drew this
My daughter’s design

However, the time is up for Lawrence Dumont Stadium and it will be completely demolished in the next few weeks, paving the way for the development of a new 75 million dollar stadium that will be the home of a Minor League Baseball Team, the New Orleans Baby Cakes.

The history and significance of the Lawrence Dumont to the town of Wichita should not be discounted. We will chronicle the history and impact that the stadium has had on Wichita and its surroundings over the last eighty-four years.

Early Days of the Lawrence Dumont Stadium

The main person behind the idea to create a stadium in Wichita was local businessman Ray “Hap” Dumont, who convinced the former Mayor of the town, Charles Lawrence, of the need for a baseball stadium in the region.

This stadium was necessary after the first baseball stadium in the area – Island Park which was built on the Akerman Island in the Arkansas River was torn down to facilitate the widening of the river channel. Island Park was in existence from 1912-1933.

Lawrence commissioned the creation of the stadium in 1929 and construction was completed in 1934. He strongly believed that the stadium should be located within the boundaries of the town and the stadium was built on lands given to the city by local landowner Charles Payne and was named the Lawrence Stadium in 1934 in honor of Mr. Charles Lawrence who died that same year.

When the Lawrence Stadium opened in 1934, it had no tenants and was used to host the National Baseball Congress (NBC) games, which was a semi-professional tournament created by Hap Dumont.

In the first year of the tournament, Dumont used his business savvy and negotiation skills to convince baseball legend, Satchell Paige, to bring his team – The Bismarck Churchills to the new Lawrence Stadium to partake in the NBC World series League. Paige was reportedly paid $1,000 to be a part of the League.

This move by Dumont was a major success, and the stadium has been home to the National Baseball Conference since the initial series in 1934. The National Baseball Conference (NBC) World Series is now the longest running sporting event in the United States and is a major part of the legacy of the Lawrence Dumont Stadium.

Lawrence Dumont Stadium
(One of the many photos that inspired my daughter’s awesome drawing that is displayed at the beginning of this post.)

For his outstanding contribution to the construction of the baseball stadium in Wichita, the stadium was renamed the Lawrence Dumont Stadium in 1971 after the death of Hap Dumont. He is considered by many as the single most important figure in the history of baseball in the Air Capital.

Many teams have called the Lawrence Dumont Stadium their home. Over its storied eighty-four-year history, Lawrence Dumont Stadium has been the home to four different minor league teams. These teams include the Wichita Indians, Wichita Aeros, Wichita Wranglers, and Wichita Wingnuts.

The Wichita Indians

The Wichita Indians team called the Lawrence Dumont Stadium their home between 1950 and 1955, playing as a part of the Western League. They were the first club to claim the stadium as their home ground which makes them a significant team in the history of Lawrence Dumont Stadium.

The Wichita Aeros

After a break of fifteen years with no team being hosted at Lawrence Dumont Stadium, the Wichita Aeros came onto the scene in 1970. They played in the Triple-A American Association Minor League between 1970 and 1984.

The Aeros were associated with five major league baseball clubs (The Cleveland Indians, The Chicago Cubs, The Texas Rangers, The Montreal Expos, and The Cincinnati Reds) during their fifteen-year history. The Aeros won a single division title during their era here and then transferred to Buffalo New York in 1984, changing their name to the Buffalo Bisons.

The Wichita Wranglers

“Hear that Wrangler thunder, hear that Wrangler beat, Wichita Wrangler Baseball, Stampede!” That commercial is still stuck in my head after all these years.

The Wranglers team was based at the Lawrence Dumont Stadium from 1987 -2007. The team played as a part of the Texas Minor League and was an affiliate of the San Diego Padres Major League team from 1987 to 1994. They were also affiliated with the Kansas City Royals from 1995 to 2007. The Wichita Wranglers won the Texas League Championship on three occasions – 1987, 1992, and 1999. Then they moved to Springdale, Arkansas in 2007. They became the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.

The Wichita Wingnuts

The Wichita Wingnuts are the most recent team to reside at the Lawrence Dumont Stadium. They had been at the Stadium since 2008 and played their last game in 2018 when the lease was terminated by the city of Wichita. They played in the American Association League and won the championship in 2014.

Renovations at the Lawrence Dumont Stadium

This iconic stadium has lasted eighty-four years in the River City. For the stadium to have the longevity that it has had, renovations were necessary.

Major improvements were made in 2001 and 2011. In the 2001 phase of the refurbishment the infield turf was re-laid, a new outfield fence was built, the sound system was improved, and the seating area was repainted.

In the 2011 wave of renovations, the entire grass outfield and AstroTurf infield were replaced by a ram turf which is a more modern type of surface. New lights were also installed, the dugouts were extended, and the concourse areas were also improved. These renovations allowed the Lawrence Dumont Stadium to continue functioning as a good venue for hosting baseball games.

Even after those efforts to continue the legacy for the fans, this year the city finally decided the stadium had outlived its usefulness and that a new stadium was necessary to continue the rich baseball tradition of Wichita.

America's pastime

This new stadium will be built on the same venue and is scheduled to be completed by the 2020 baseball season.

The End of an Era

Finally, the inevitable demolition of the Lawrence Dumont Stadium has pained the hearts of Wichita baseball supporters. Since this is the stadium that has been the home of Wichita Baseball for generations, it will be missed.

However, the building of the new and improved stadium will inspire renewed hometown hope of a new baseball beginning. A continued legacy and an exciting future for the baseball crazy town of Wichita.

Wichita Shockers Basketball Schedule- 2018-2019

We have the 2018-2019 Wichita Shockers Basketball Schedule below and then an article after the win loss chart so far this season.  The Black And Yellow won the exhibition game handily to kick things off. That symbolic victory has been followed by some exciting games even if we didn’t leave with the win in several of those close match-ups.

We will look at some of the talent and prospects of the Wichita State University basketball schedule and the team as a whole.  After the article Iwe have pieced together the same schedule with many more details on game locations, links for ways to listen or get live statistics, and we have even included stadium links to buy tickets if you want them.

2018-19 Wichita State Shockers Printable Basketball Schedule
Wichita Shockers Basketball Schedule

How will the Wichita State Shockers fare in the 2018-2019 Basketball Season?

It is that time of the year again when the college basketball season and the Wichita State basketball schedule is in full swing. It has pretty much just kicked off and everyone is so looking forward to watching their favorite team in action and all the thrills and excitement that come with it. Most in the Wichita area are banking on the exciting Shockers team to do well and to go far, way in the tournament.

I must admit that some of the optimism is based on just pure emotion that all sports fans feel about their team, without examining and analyzing other factors that might either support or go against that cause for optimism. The Shockers are playing in the American Athletic Conference (AAC), which has a total of twelve teams, of which the top four will qualify for the playoffs.

But what are the chances of the Shockers going far in this tournament and who are the players that will shine? We will examine how they have done so far and predict where they will end up at the back end of the season.

My daughter's latest design.
My daughter’s drawing.

Early Season Jitters

Up through November 19, 2018, the Shockers have played five (5) games and currently sit at the bottom of the AAC standings with a win-loss ratio of 2-3. All three matches that they have lost have been extremely close encounters with the Shockers lacking the cutting edge to finish off those games.

The closeness of the games are reflected in the overall points that have been scored by the Shockers as opposed to their opponents – the Shockers have scored 362 points in those five games, compared to 374 by the opposing teams. This statistic shows how competitive the Shockers have been in the early season so far without being too successful.

We are hopeful that they will shake off these early season jitters and continue to compete feverishly as the season goes along and hopefully claim some more victories, especially in the close encounters. Please see the data chart below that speaks to the Shockers performance so far in the 2018-2019 season.

2018-19 American Standings



0-0 – 4-0


0-0 – 3-0


0-0 – 5-1

South Florida

0-0 – 4-1

Wichita State’s Markis McDuffie blocks the shot of Catawba’s Daquan Lilly during an exhibition game earlier this season for the Shockers.

Wichita Eagle Pic. and link.


0-0 – 4-1

U Conn

0-0 – 4-1


0-0 – 3-1

East Carolina

0-0 – 4-2


0-0 – 2-1


0-0 – 3-3


0-0 – 2-3

Wichita State

0-0 – 2-3

The chart  above shows the early stages of the season where most teams have played on average five games, Tulsa and Houston are the only teams with perfect records so far, but they have played four and three games respectively. It is way too early to make a call on which team will dominate; we will have a clearer picture after a few more weeks of competition.

Players To Watch On The Shockers Roster

The Shockers have a pretty young but exciting roster of players. Eight of the players are freshmen, four are sophomores, three are juniors, and two are seniors. The team does not have the experience of recent years, but Coach Greg Marshall has proved that he is a genius at developing talent and we are excited to see how the team will perform throughout the season.

We have identified Markus McDuffie, Ricky Torres, Dexter Dennis, and Morris Udeze as potential star players that can carry the team forward in the 2018-2019 season. There are other great players we may get to in a later article.

Markus McDuffie

Markus McDuffie is one of only two seniors on the team and have been a revelation in the season so far; he currently averages 21.6 Points per game (PPG) after five games in the season, which is the best statistic of any Wichita Shocker forward in the past 20 years.

McDuffie was named in the American Athletic Conference Honor Roll for the week of November 12-18 and was also named co-player of the week in the Conference for the week of November 6-11. He continues to be a shining light for the Shockers, and it is imperative that he keeps flowing in this rich vein of form for the Shockers to continue being competitive throughout the season.

Ricky Torres

Ricky Torres is one of Greg Marshall’s recruits for the 2018-2019 season. He plays as a Point Guard and Marshall expects him to get a lot of game time in the position for the whole season. He was recruited from Missouri State-West Plains where he averaged 17.2 points per game, and 8.1 assists per game, which was the 3rd best nationally for the 2018 season.

He has also been identified as a leader who can motivate the team and help the unit to play at their very best. We look forward to watching Ricky Torres competing for the Shockers this year and expect him to be one of the team’s top players this season.

Dexter Dennis

Dexter Dennis is a Freshman hailing from the town of Baker, California. He is an extremely athletic and mature player that can play the position of small forward or shooting guard. Pundits, including Greg Marshall, believe Dennis has the potential to play in the NBA due to his supreme natural ability.

He has started the 2018-2019 season with a bang, scoring 19 points and grabbing five rebounds in a really exciting game against Alabama. He was one of the key players responsible for the spirited fightback from the Shockers in the second half of that game which almost took them to victory coming from a deficit of twelve points.

For the season so far, Dennis averages 8.8 points per game, has grabbed ten rebounds and has four assists. We are excited to see what his stats will be at the end of the season!

Morris Udeze

Morris Udeze is another exciting prospect hailing from Houston, Texas. He is a Freshman that plays the position of small forward and center. Udeze was ranked among the top 15 prospects in the state of Florida in 2018 by 247 Sports after spending a year at the Montverde Academy in Orlando and ranked 18th nationally among centers.

Udeze is a complete athlete, possessing strength, skill, and athleticism which definitely makes him one to watch in the yellow and black for this season!

Prospects For The Shockers This season

The Shockers lost six outgoing seniors at the end of the 2017-2018 season and are currently rebuilding their team. They have one of the best players in the conference in Markus McDuffie on their team and an extremely talented pool of players overall to provide support.

The team, however, lacks experience playing together and might take some time to gel and play as an efficient unit. However, we expect the Shockers to be extremely competitive throughout the season under the expert tutelage of Coach Greg Marshall.

The Shockers will be a force to be reckoned within the American Athletic Conference (AAC) in 1-2 years, and we will see at least glimpses of this potential all season long. We look forward to watching the Shockers play and as usual, we will be supporting them all along the way!

A More detailed schedule with ways to listen, live stats, and how to buy tickets below:

As of 11-23-2018

  • OVERALL  2-3
  • PCT .400
  • CONF 0-0
  • PCT .000
  • STREAK L 1
  • HOME 0-1
  • AWAY 0-0
  • NEUTRAL 2-2

Scheduled Games

  • NOV. 16 (FRI) 3:30 P.M. VS. APPALACHIAN STATE—W, 82-76
  • NOV. 18 (SUN) 12:30 P.M. VS. ALABAMA—L, 86-90
  • ——————————————————————————————

NOV. 25 (SUN) 2:00 P.M. COX YURVIEW KEYN 103.7 FM




DEC. 8 (SAT) 11:00 A.M. ESPNU KEYN 103.7 FM


DEC. 12 (WED) 7:00 P.M. COX YURVIEW KEYN 103.7 FM





JAN. 6 (SUN) 3:00 P.M. LIVE STAT



JAN. 19 (SAT) 1:00 P.M. CBS KEYN 103.7 FM—


















FEB. 17 (SUN) 12:00 P.M. ESPN KEYN 103.7 FM—AMERICAN






















MAR. 14 (THU)-MAR. 17 (SUN)


My daughter's Wichita State Shocker drawing
My daughter’s Wichita State Shocker drawing.

Go Shocks!

Shocker Man Cave Here

Kansas State Fair

It’s That Time Of Year Again, Wichita!

The Kansas State Fair is upon us! Aren’t you excited?!? Okay, maybe that’s overstating it just a bit. Nevertheless, you have yet another chance to take your lovely family and friends to Hutchinson’s yearly extravaganza known as The Kansas State Fair.

From fun rides and slides to unique exhibits and demonstrations, there will truly be something for everyone in your group to appreciate. There will be a petting zoo for the kiddos as well as a birthing center where people of all ages can observe newborn calves, lambs, goats, and little piglets. They’re going to have big, beautiful horses, miniature horses, and of course, sheep.

There will be desserts galore, like pies and funnel cakes. Have yourself some traditional American food or live it up and sample all-things-fried; things you didn’t even realize were possible to fry and still be edible (more on that below). The 2018, Kansas State Fair will be from Sept. 7-16

Never Been To The Kansas State Fair?

Maybe you hear the phrase state fair and images come to your mind of cowboys with lassos, banjo-strumming-country-folk, and cow milking contests.

Maybe you then ponder “that’s probably not for me,” Well that is because you are most likely stereotyping some of your fellow Kansans. Not to imply that all stereotyping is inherently wrong, but many stereotypes are definitely incorrect.

While some aforementioned things may indeed occur at a typical state fair such as this, I can assure you that most of those partaking in such activities at The Kansas State Fair, are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. But don’t forget that there are plenty of other activities for you and yours to enjoy at the Kansas State Fair.

There Is So Much To do.











Just as the great city of Wichita has plenty of fun things that we love to do, and some in particular which may be more appealing mainly because they are family traditions; that is also the case for our great state as a whole, when it is Kansas State Fair Time.

In my opinion, every Kansas family should go to the fair at least once.

Whether you go to enjoy the venue for great concerts performed by some world renown bands (see below), in addition to more local musicians; or you go primarily for the reason I have in the past, which was to create fun memories for your family while spending quality time with them.

Of course, you can spend quality time in a thousand different ways, but maybe you just want to do something out of the ordinary.


From traditional to more creative competitions of many sorts. Whether it be agriculture, floriculture, or horticulture. That’s a lot of culture people!

If those don’t interest you, there are Photography and other Fine Art competitions, as well as Wood Carving Demonstrations, Japanese Beading Demos, Candle Decorating, China Painting Demonstrations, Fused Glass Demos, and Magic Shows.

For your little science lovers, let them observe Dr. Goddard’s Lab (from The Kansas Cosmosphere also in Hutchinson). Maybe he will blow up something with dry ice! Plus, there are multitudes of free stuff and samples from many varieties of booths and exhibits throughout.

And Now To Name A Few Things That Probably Won’t Surprise You!

There will be “Celebrity Grape Stomping”! I am sure that is very exciting..Not.

Don’t miss The Kansas Arm Wrestling Contests, Shooting Competitions, Pigeon Judging, and a Celebrity Goat Milking Competition! (Oh boy!). See the states’ largest pumpkin. Watch a sheep shearing. Did I mention The Goat Milking Demo?!? There will be pig races AND DON’T YOU DARE FORGET The Great American Spam Championship!!  There are competitions that I didn’t even know existed. And can you say Llama show?!?

                         Okay, maybe a few stereotypes are justified.

Cool Off And Eat Fried Stuff!

Take a break from the heat in the Air conditioned Cottonwood Court (food court). It consists of two levels with well over 20,000 sq. ft. of open floor space combined, and they have plenty of tables and chairs.

From the food court to the many other dining options scattered throughout the grounds, you will have your choice of just about every American food possible.

Sure there will be healthier food options at the fair, but this only happens once a year, so how about trying some Frosted Flake Fried Chicken on a Stick, Fried Candy bars, or a Fried Oreo!

There will also be Fresh Salsa Contests, All-Natural BBQ Sauce Contests, Grilled Cheese Competition, and Bacon Cook-off. Plus, an on site Flapjack Flippin’ Contest. Finally, Homemade Ice-Cream and Topping Contests, and Pies, Pies, and more Pie Contests!

New Attractions for 2018 with a couple of “Must Do Items” for The Kids.


These guided trips through the fairgrounds barns will take about 45 minutes each, and will be available all 10 days of the fair. Tours begin in the Livestock Annex at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm daily, except no 10am tour on Sept. 7


An enclosed butterfly garden, where children and adults can walk among fluttering butterflies and watch caterpillars munch on plants, all while learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Located at the East side of Lake Talbott. Open 9 am-8 pm daily.



Featuring a variety of lumberjack competitions, such as log rolling, speed climbing, axe throwing, speed carving, hot saw, and springboard chop. Located at Gottschalk Park, show are at 11 am, 1:30 pm, and 6:30 pm daily.


On Sept. 7, 8, and 9, The Nex-Tech Wireless Grandstand will light up after each nightʼs concert, thanks to an encore laser light show with music to create a dynamic evening experience for fair goers.



An energetic band of percussionists, Street Drum Corps, on various items such as buckets and steel barrels, to produce a unique and mesmerizing sound. Also, “Robo Cars” will transform right before your eyes!



KiddieLand is home to a variety of new inflatable fun stations. Mazes, a tower of terror, face painting, temporary tattoos, and fun twisted balloons will provide hours of fun for kiddos. Located west of 4-H Centennial Hall.




Featuring skilled riders and horses in the Bison Arena. Shows at 10 am, 1 pm and 5 pm from Sept. 7-12

There are many other bands and singing groups that are free of charge throughout the week. You can find a list and schedule plus much more through the website link at the bottom of this post.

All paid concerts take place at the Nex-Tech Wireless Grandstand on the fairgrounds in Hutchinson.  

The 2018, Kansas State Fair will be from Sept. 7-16

The grandstand lineup includes:

  • KC and The Sunshine Band, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 7; tickets from $5-10. This disco band came into popularity in the 1970s with such hits as “That’s The Way (I Like It),” “(Shake Shake Shake),” and “Get Down Tonight.” The band’s performance will be the cheapest concert of the fair as well.
  • Dan+Shay with special guest Cassadee Pope, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 8; tickets from $25-$60. Dan+Shay is a country duo. The pair will be accompanied by country pop artist Cassadee Pope, formerly of the rock band Hey Monday.
  • Josh Abbott Band with special guest BlackHawk, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 9; tickets from $15-$45. The Josh Abbott Band, frequent guests at Wichita’s Cotillion, will play at the State Fair on its first Sunday.
  • Demolition Derby, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 10; tickets $7 for ages 13+, free for children 12 and under. As is tradition, the fair will bring back its popular demolition derby on Monday night.
  • Roots & Boots Tour featuring Sammy Kershaw, Aaron Tippin and Collin Raye, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 11; tickets from $25-$45. These three country artists are currently touring as part of what they call the Roots & Boots Tour, which will stop at the fair on Tuesday.
  • For King & Country with special guest Zach Williams, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 12; tickets from $20-$50. For King & Country is a very popular Contemporary Christian music duo from Australia. Their guest Zach Williams is a Grammy winning Christian artist.
  • Bret Michaels, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 13; tickets from $25-$60. On Thursday of the State Fair, the former front man of ’80s hair band Poison will perform many of their greatest hits.
  • Trace Adkins, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 14; tickets from $25-$65. Popular country artist Trace Adkins will visit the fair on its second Friday.
  • The Beach Boys, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 15; tickets from $25-$60. The Beach Boys, one of the most popular groups of the 1960s and ’70s, will perform on the fair’s second Saturday.
  • Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pull, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 16; tickets $12 for ages 13+, $5 ages 5-12, free for children 4 and under.

2018, Midway Rides and Ticket Costs

Daily Hours of Operation

Friday, September 7 Moonlight Madness (Wristband) 3 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Saturday, September 8 Opens at 11 a.m.

Sunday, September 9 Opens at Noon

Monday, September 10 1 Ticket per Ride Noon – 10 p.m.

Tuesday, September 11 (Wristband) 1 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Wednesday, September 12 Ride-O-Rama (Wristband) Noon – 10 p.m.

Thursday, September 13 Ride-O-Rama (Wristband) 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Friday, September 14 Moonlight Madness (Wristband) Noon – 11 p.m.

Saturday, September 15 Opens at 11 a.m.

Sunday, September 16 Last Blast (Wristband) Noon – 8pm

2018, Wristband Prices

$30 after August 1

2018, Carnival Ride Sheet – 22 Tickets

$20 through Sept 6

$25 beginning Sept 7

2018, Fairground Rides

Daily Hours of Operation / Prices

Purchase these tickets at the Kansas State Fair Ticket Office

Big Slide 9:00 am – 7:30 pm $2.00 or Package of 4/$7.00

Lake Talbott Boat Ride 9:00 am – 7:30 pm $4.00

Sky Ride 9:00 am – 7:30 pm $5.00 Round Trip

State Fair Railroad 9:00 am – 7:30 pm $3.00

Ye Old Mill 10:00 am – 10:00 pm $3.50

Special Rides For The Kids In The Link Below

Adobe PDF

kids ride

For more info. Go to https://www.kansasstatefair.com

Kansas State Fair

2000 N Poplar St, Hutchinson, KS 67502

About us


Hello and welcome to ICT Threads-Wichita Proud  

My name is David Leierer. I am a proud and thankful father of my daughter (our art designer), Madison Leierer. Without her drawings and assistance, this site would not exist. However, her drawings of Wichita flags barely touch the surface of her skill as an artist.  She is a National Art Scholar who has won several awards. For many reasons far beyond that I am very grateful to be her dad!

We hope you love our original Wichita flag themed clothing and accessories that Madison has designed in our online storefront. As well, we hope you’ll love the Shocker fan clothing and man cave pages also on this site.

We really appreciate our customers! It is our pleasure to provide you with great products and valuable information about our awesome city. The air capital has many things to offer its residents and visitors. Wichita has great food, history, activities, and people! To read about how we started this venture click this link from our article in Splurge magazine. 

A Great Place To Grow Up.

I’ve always loved Wichita. I was born and raised here. I have a lot of great memories with “bowling alley friends” playing in one of many arcades as the adults bowled, playing at parks while the adults were on the softball diamonds, and visiting Barnacle Bill’s FantaSea Water Park at least once every summer. Also, I can’t forget to mention the good memories of visiting Joy-land, the river city’s very own little amusement park.

However, most of my wonderful Wichita childhood memories are from my old neighborhood in Orchard Park, where I spent the first eleven or twelve years of my life. I have fervent memories of growing up around that area before, during, and after my grade school years – back in the nineteen-eighties and early nineties.

I enjoyed playing most sports. Although, I was more thrilled about playing hide-and-seek with school and neighborhood friends (only the chase to base version), skateboarding the streets, building dangerous ramps to jump with our bikes and boards (excluding the well crafted ones my dad made us), playing at the park and Orchard Recreation Center, swimming at Orchard Park Swimming Pool, and of course, riding bikes until the street lights came on. Those seemed like such simple times without much for a kid to fear. I myself grew up to be a proud helicopter parent until my daughter was much older 🙂

I loved exploring creation in those early childhood years. We, the kids of the neighborhood, had approximately 5-10 acres of woodland right across the street from my house. It was probably no more than five acres of trees, but it seemed like a square mile to us kids.

We would build forts and the most pitiful tree houses. Those times in “our forest” kept us occupied for hours on end. We caught frogs, toads, turtles, and baby birds. We were really young and didn’t yet know we weren’t supposed to borrow baby birds from their nests or take them home to show mom and dad, okay, Sorry! (FYI: The bird-nappings were when I was 4 or 5 years old)

Most of these memories were similarly experienced by other kids all over America, but those are some important ones of mine here in Wichita.

Passing It On.

Many years later I would again experience some of those magical feelings vicariously through my daughter during her own discoveries of nature’s splendor. In case, you were wondering, I taught her not to touch baby birds in the nest. However, I did lift her up to peek at some quite a few times over the years.

Of all the parenting goals I have had as Madi’s dad over the last eighteen years, one was to ensure she had many occasions to experience most of those childhood wonders. I have always taught her to slow down, unplug, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds her wherever she goes.

I truly believe Madi admires our beautiful Kansas sunsets and sunrises almost as much as I do.


We would love to hear about your Wichita memories from your childhood, or as parents in the comments below if you would care to share them.

Our Purpose And Our Goals.

We want to help you find great Wichita themed gear.

Our purpose here is to sell top quality-unique products that are perfect for decorating a den, a kids room, a poolside patio, or clubhouse. Also, our products make great gifts and souvenirs.

We have many Wichita shirts, hoodies, leggings, socks, towels, flags, pillows, tote bags, phone cases, coffee mugs, stickers, and more.

Our other goal here is to spark or re-spark your love for Wichita and the community as a whole. We would also like to educate newer residents on some of Wichita’s history as well, in future blogs.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or email me at david@ictthreads.com and I will be more than happy to assist you. Also, please share some Wichita memories below.

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Thank you, Wichita!

Wichita is the Air Capital of the United States. We created this store as a tribute to our beloved city. We love you people and we thank you for your support! ICT Threads Wichita Proud has more design ideas in the works and they are coming soon!